Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection:
With over 130,000 Australian homes falling victim to termite infestation annually, it is crucial that homeowners have their properties checked for unwanted critters before moving into a new home. It is not uncommon for families to find their new homes infested with termites or other timber pests soon after they’ve made the shift, and it is never a pleasant experience. A pre-purchase timber pest inspection would be a non-invasive procedure wherein trained and qualified pest managers assess the property, with the use of detection tools, to ensure it is termite-(and other pests)-free. When needed, our experts will make treatment recommendation to solve your pest issue.

Termite Inspection:
A termite inspection will involve the assessment and (where necessary) treatment of timber pest-related issues, including termite activity, damage, environmental factors and risk analysis of your property. Using tools specifically designed to detect termite activity, our technicians will determine and ensure the safety and durability of your home.

Termite Treatment:
Adhering to the industry standard and polices set by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, our technicians use the safest and best quality chemical products to rid your property of pests.

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