The risk of termites for houses that are in pre-construction is great and a very serious problem for many homes – harm costs of termites can climb up to $10,000 depending on the severity of the infestation. As insurance does not cover termite-related damages, it is important to tackle your termite problems early on. Termite infestation in pre-construction has to be put under control by professionals before they become a detrimental problem for your property.

Here at Quality Pest Control and Maintenance, we take termites in pre-construction sites very seriously, as it is required under building regulations that home owners build their houses with termite management systems or termite resistant structures. We have several options to choose from when it to the prevention of termite infestation.

Physical Termite Barrier

Physical termite barriers (chemically treated) come in large sheets which are laid before a concrete slab is poured. It is either laid with complete coverage under the slab or around the concrete slab and pipe penetrations.
It is most effective with homes that are in the process of being built and for extensions built on houses. Without physical barriers, the risk of termites infesting a home under construction is great due to the fact that the houses are open and vulnerable without these physical barriers.
We at Quality Pest Control and Maintenance can make sure to get you your certificate of occupancy by carefully installing our physical termite barriers while following all regulations. It is a cost-effective way to ensure your new home will last years without the nightmare that a termite infestation brings.

Chemical Reticulation Soil Treatment

Chemical reticulation soil treatment is a method that uses rechargeable piping systems that automatically deliver liquid termiticide to soil near critical areas of infestation, either under or around the house. The treatment of termiticide in the soil repels termites and prevents any potential infestation from happening or getting worse.
Termiticide which has been distributed within soil breaks down after a few years. As a result, a reticulating system offers an easier option to retreat the soil without any hindrances, hassles or problems.

Hand Sprayed Chemical Soil Treatments

Although hand sprayed chemical soil treatments are not used often in Victoria anymore, they are still effective (although will be replaced with physical barriers and chemical reticulated soil treatment in the near future.) Termiticide is applied to soil under the slab garage floor and around the outside walls. Termiticide in soil breaks down between every 5 years so it would require a retreatment when it reaches that point.

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