There are a variety of different species of spider in Melbourne, but there are only a small amount that can manage to be harmful to people. In general they infest cracks, crevices and anywhere they deem safe. They are more durable than most insects, living for months on end without food or water and can live in different conditions rather than a specific condition like other insects. This makes spider infestation risks high, infestation of spiders cause a lot of risks to a person’s health, especially if it is venomous. Some other inconveniences are webs that appear all around the house among other things.

A few precautionary methods include:

  • Be careful with clothes and shake before putting on.
  • Fill in gaps for potential entry of spiders.
  • Picking up stray materials and clothes off the floor.
  • Making sure there aren’t any pieces of firewood or any type f wood lying around in the home.
  • Cut grass and trimm bushes to make sure the breeding of spiders is kept to a minimum.

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WHITE TAIL SPIDER Cigar Shaped body, Cephalothorax oval, Grey to black. White on end of abdomen. Size range 5-15mm, Bites cause local pain and blistering.

BLACK HOUSE SPIDER Large abdomen. Fangs are not obvious but move pincer wise. Dark brown to black, legs often black. Size range 8-18mm, Toxic, Produces pain, nausea, sweating. No fatalities.

RED BACK Long legs and large bulbous abdomen. Small cephalothorax. Male much smaller, black, velvety; red stripe on dorsal surface. Size 3-15mm, Very toxic, female bites male does not. Very painful.

MOUSE SPIDER Enlarged cephalothorax. Base of fangs enlarged, Black with reddish hairs, male long legs and females short legs. Size range 12-25mm. Toxic, Fangs are strong and bite may be painful.

WOLF SPIDER Posterior eyes large and mounted in square on front of cephalothorax. Mottled grey and brown. Union jack appearance on cephalothorax. Round egg sack, carries young on its back, Size range 15-25mm. Some may be toxic. Bite may be painful for a short while.

Our spider treatments are a simple but effective process involving applying a product and method specifically developed to control the spiders encountered in Melbourne.

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