Possums like to make their homes in roofs and under houses where they feel as safe as they like, this is bad news for the home owner because possums can lay waste by defecating in your roofs, chewing on wiring and tearing apart ceiling insulation which can be a major headache for anyone who is living in a house in the winter where electricity and insulation is needed.

Possums are also nocturnal and are the most active during the night while most people are sleeping, which can cause a lack of sleep for some people due to the noise they make. Also, depending on how many possums have nested in one place they may breed and cause a more serious infestation. The last thing anyone wants is a family of possums living in their roof.

At quality pest control we make sure to have a consistent and safe way to remove possums from any home without harming the animal. Our method is to trap the possum using a simple cage trap, which is placed near the location where the possum is situated and once caught (Mostly within the first 24 hours of placing the trap.) we safely remove it (without any harm cause to the animal.) from the premises and release it where it will not be able to make its home in any more buildings. Please contact us for more details.

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