Termites inhabit roof voids, trees and stumps, internal timbers such as windows, doors and skirtings, they also inhabit subfloors. They eat through wood and make the foundations of a house weak and unsafe to live in, for this reason, a termite infestation is a dread for home owners and nightmare for people who already have one.

There are multiple warning signs for a termite infestation, things such as wood that is eaten away or weakened. They also build leads or tunnels made of mud and cellulose so they can get around safely due to their fragile stature. These leads look like little brown straws that head in a certain direction. Termites are the source of devastating damage and infestation, they require quick response which would require a professional’s help.

We at Quality pest control and maintenance are knowledgeable in how to handle termites and we will ensure that any termite infestation will be eradicated with the appropriate methods and with the utmost professionalism.

There are multiple prevention and eradication methods for termites such as; termiticide treatments and barriers to prevent termite entry into vents and other places around a house. For more information on prevention of pre-construction termite infestation, see the pre-construction termite barriers page. We also provide free quotes and same day service.

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