Borers are insects that create tunnels for their larvae through timber and because of this they weaken the timber because of these tunnels that they create on the inside of them.

Signs for a borer infestation are small pin sized holes on timbers as they are the holes in which adults emerge from after creating these holes for their larvae.

Lictyd borers are one type of these insects and a sign of infestation is a powdery fine dust near to where the holes for their larvae are, Lictyd Borers attack sapwood of certain hardwood timbers which is another sign of Lictyd borer infestation. Because of this, they create a serious structural weakening in timber that has a high sapwood content.

Another type of borer is an Anobium Punctatum (or common furniture beetle.) They most commonly prefer cool humid conditions and prefer to attack old seasoned wood, they also attack structural timber flooring, and decorative woodwork.

Borers are a safety hazard for anyone living in a house infested by them. It would require immediate response after the diagnosis of an infestation and should be handled by professionals. The professionals at Quality pest control and Maintenance are experienced and knowledgeable in prevention and eradication of infestations of insects, including borers. Our methods are effective and use top quality products and poisons, we guarantee a solution to your problem and provide free quotes and same day service.

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